Cosmetic Beauty Blender - Drying Stand & Holder Support - Makeup Beauty Tool Kit

  • $6.95
  • Save $4.03

The perfect answer to "where do I store my beauty blender?"

This holder is the perfect size and adorably feminine.

Cute, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Purchase two to hold a second beauty blender sponge!

  • Optional Colors: Rose Gold, Silver
  • Optional Base Shapes: Round, Square
  • Item Type: Makeup Tool Kit
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: Approx.60g
  • Sponge not included


Great way to keep your blenders organised.

And because the spirals are elevated, the holder allows air to pass all around your blender.

So there aren't any dark or damp areas where bacteria and mold can manifest.

And besides, these holders are adorably cute ! 

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